frothing kaapi - brew guide

The Indian filter coffee is brewed traditionally using a gravity fed filtration technique using a simple apparatus called an Indian filter pot.

However our traditional signature blend (chicory blend) can be brewed & enjoyed using a stovetop or an aeropress too. 

Here's how to work the Indian filter pot,

Traditional Brewing Method

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  1. Assemble the chambers one on top of the other.

  2. Add coffee grounds to the top chamber and tamp it down gently with the inner plunger.

  3. With the plunger held in its place, slowly add hot water (off the boil). Slightly wetting the grounds before pouring the entire water speeds up the brewing process.

  4. Close the filter with lid and allow to stand.

  5. After approximately 15-25 minutes, the coffee collects as a thick syrupy decoction in the bottom chamber.


Tip: A coffee to water ratio of ​1:5 works perfectly for our chicory blend. However, feel free to vary this ratio to get your desired brew strength.

While we think you'll enjoy our blend with or without milk, the way to enjoy it like the locals is by preparing it the old-school way.


How to enjoy KAAPI the old-fashioned style,

In traditional filter coffee shops (incl. our pop-ups!), a shot of decoction is mixed with hot full cream milk (brought to a boil on the stove) and frothed vigorously.


The requisite amount of sugar is added, topped off with a drop of the decoction and served in a davara set — a small stainless steel tumbler placed inside a small bowl.

Truth be told, this makes all the difference to enjoying Indian filter coffee.