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We champion a centuries old traditional Indian SLOW DRIP - POUR OVER technique to brew our coffees.


The coffee is batch brewed using an apparatus called an Indian filter pot.

The resulting brew is an espresso strength filter smooth coffee concentrate called Decoction.

You can read the detailed traditional brew guide to work the Indian Filter Pot here on our blog.



We batch brew our decoction to order with our freshly roasted selection of house blends and single origin Indian coffees.


There is no added sugar or preservatives. 

A traditional INDIAN FILTER COFFEE (milk based), is made by mixing a shot of decoction with hot full cream milk (brought to a boil on the stove) and frothed vigorously. 

The requisite amount of sugar is added, topped off with a drop of the decoction. Traditionally it is served in a davara set — a small stainless steel tumbler placed inside a small bowl.

With our freshly brewed Decoction, you can make a traditional Indian filter coffee in minutes without the fuss of brewing! 

Traditional brewing method


As a concentrate you can make more than just coffees. Use it in cocktails & desserts. For inspiration check out our socials for recipes!

Add 1 part decoction to 4 parts hot milk as a guide (adjust strength as required)!

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