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Acing traditional Filter KAAPI

Whether you're seeking to replicate your fondest memories of a traditional filter kaapi or just wanting to explore the traditional Indian filter coffee experience to the fullest, these are the crucial bits you need to grasp!

South Indian filter coffee as a traditional milk coffee, tastes like so mainly because of (1) filter brewing style (2) blend & (3) milk preparation and pour!

So which of your blends will help me enjoy a traditional cup of Indian filter coffee?

With our pure Indian coffee blend, YODHA, (1) & (3) will have the most impact to get a traditional style filter kaapi.

If you are brewing our chicory blend, CHAKRAM, even with a different brewing technique, (3) will bring it closest to the traditional. Capisce?

You can read & explore more about (1) brewing on an Indian filter pot and (3) tips to ace the milk preparation here on our blog ✌🏽

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