Make these Almond Macaroons to go with your Kattan KAAPI (long black)

One of those blissful combos like idli-sambar & Indian filter coffee, if you take your KAAPI black!

As someone who enjoys coffee in all it's forms, there are certain styles of coffee that are better suited to certain foods or even certain times of the day. Sometimes only a black coffee will do. Pairing the right bite with coffee elevates the experience further.

Off late we've had a few report back that KAAPI tastes delicious as a long black (1 shot Decoction, topped off with hot water, no added sugar). This is essentially the kattan KAAPI that we serve at our Sunday Brunch, minus the spice & jaggery mix.

So recently when I tried the kattan KAAPI with an almond macaroon, I was amazed how well the two go together. I just had to get the recipe. This recipe comes from my friend Dean's dad who is a skilled baker (I've tasted several different goodies and not only do they taste divine, they also look devilishly good!)

Follow this simple recipe & instructions to bake these delicious macaroons and try with a kattan KAAPI. We would love to hear how you like it!