Brewing with an Indian Filter Pot

Updated: May 30, 2019

The simplicity of brewing with an Indian filter pot cannot be understated. However, first time users may find the coffee extraction technique a tad challenging. This detailed brew guide will help you brew your cuppa perfectly every single time.

What you'll need

  • Kaapi to brew (or other coffee beans ground fine) ~ 20g

  • Water ~ 140ml

  • Indian Filter Pot

  • Scales (optional) - Check the TIPS section.

  • Water Kettle

Steps {simple single pour technique}

  1. Assemble the filter pot chambers one on top of the other.

  2. Add coffee grounds to the top chamber and tamp it down gently with the inner plunger.

  3. With the plunger held in its place, slowly add hot water (off the boil).

  4. Close the filter with lid and allow to stand.

  5. After approximately 15-25 minutes, the coffee collects as a thick syrupy decoction in the bottom chamber.

A coffee to water ratio of ​1:7 works well for our Kaapi blend & grind size. However, feel free to vary this ratio to get your desired brew strength.

Quick 1 Min Video


You are in luck even if you don't use scales

The design of the Indian filter pot has measurement guides built into it. Well, sort of!

If you follow the above level markers, the 1:7 coffee to water ratio is automatically maintained. This is a good starting point.

Note that the coffee level mark is for level tamped coffee.

Unlike most other coffee makers, there are no standardised ratios for the Indian filter pot. This also makes the filter pot much more forgiving and gives you the opportunity to vary the ratio to give you the perfect brew strength you're happy with.

To increase the decoction strength from this point on, all you do is increase the ground coffee added a little at a time, keeping the water level the same.

However the time of extraction will increase accordingly.

If you've used a small ratio (less than 1:4) to extract an extremely strong decoction, there's a good chance the complete flavour in the coffee hasn't been fully extracted yet. A second extraction will yield a slightly lighter brew.

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