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"Which is the blend that I might like the most?"


With chicory or without? Get a 500ml bottle each and you can try a few ways to enjoy your coffee.




1x 500ml bottle of CHAKRAM - Traditional South Indian Chicory Coffee blend

1x 500ml bottle of YODHA/GAJAH - Pure Indian Coffee blend


Our freshly brewed Decoction (Indian filter coffee concentrate) helps you make a rich & aromatic Indian filter coffee in minutes minus the fuss of brewing. Just add 4 parts warm milk to 1 part decoction to transport your senses to your fondest Indian filter coffee memory. This is the real deal!


Slow brewed in Melbourne using our locally roasted house blends of Indian coffees and chicory or pure Indian coffees, our decoction is crafted traditionally using an Indian filter pot to produce a full bodied espresso strength filter smooth concentrate that you can readily add to milk to make an Indian filter coffee whenever you feel like. 


No sugar, preservatives or additives. Vegan friendly.


serving size: 25ml per serve

servings per bottle: 500ml – 20 cups, 1L - 40 cups

Decoction Starter Pack

Brewed fresh as required, so we'll have your order ready for dispatch in 1-2 business days!
  • Our decoction is always brewed fresh to order . Please refrigerate and use this product upon delivery. It is best consumed within 3-4 weeks.


    Please Note: Leaving it out in a warm kitchen/room will reduce its shelf life.


Enjoyed AU wide. Weekly roasted finest selection
of Indian coffees.


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