Our Kaapi Bundle is a perfect gift to someone who will appreciate the traditional way of brewing and enjoying Indian filter coffee!
The Kaapi Gift Bundle* includes:
1 x 250g pack of Kaapi - Indian filter coffee blend
1 x Stainless-steel filter pot (medium size)
1 x Stainless-steel Tumbler and Davara set (akin to a cup & saucer) ** (customisation available)
**custom bundle available on request
*packaging (box or satchel)  might vary depending on availability (please contact us if you are particular)

KAAPI Gift Bundle

Filter Material: Stainless Steel
Serveware Material
  • Steps

    1. Assemble the chambers one on top of the other.
    2. Add coffee grounds to the top chamber and tamp it down gently with the inner plunger.
    3. With the plunger held in its place, slowly add hot water (off the boil). Slightly wetting the grounds before pouring the entire water speeds up the brewing process.
    4. Close the filter with lid and allow to stand.
    5. After approximately 15-25 minutes, the coffee collects as a thick syrupy decoction in the bottom chamber.


    A coffee to water ratio of 1:7 works well to brew Kaapi for a milk based preparation. With the filter pot, there is enough room to vary the strength of the decoction depending on your taste.