While most people think tea is India’s best known beverage, Indian coffee is second to none. India has been producing coffee since the early 18th century, in direct response to coffee’s growing demand in Europe.

Diverse climatic conditions, and farming practices such as growing spices, native fruits and vegetables as intercrops, resulted in complex flavours unique to Indian coffees.

kaapi indian coffee - coffee farm

A majority of these coffees come from the plantation belt that spans the southern Indian states of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. These plantations have been catering to both the domestic and European export markets since the early part of 18th Century.

Currently India produces in excess of 300,000 metric tonnes of coffee per year and ranks 8th in the world. 


If you're serious about Indian coffee, here in the coffee capital of the world you shouldn't have to settle for less than the best.

Specialty grade Indian coffees, locally roasted in small batches to ensure freshness and ground/brewed to order. Oh Yeah!

Currently we offer two signature house blends & occasional seasonal releases that lets you enjoy Indian coffee in all its glory!


Chicory Coffee Blend

Our first and original house blend that pays homage to the South Indian chicory blended coffee. Just as the invention of the wheel marked a major turning point in civilisation, the addition of chicory changed the way coffee was traditionally drunk. Although added to extend the supply of coffee in times of shortage, the resulting coffee mix turned out to be so flavoursome that centuries later even today it's much loved!

ROAST & TASTE NOTES MED-DARK. Crafted from our selection of specialty grade Indian coffees and chicory, this is our versatile all rounder with bold earthy flavours and a rich syrupy body, satisfying coffee snobs from Down South to Down Under.

AVAILABLE AS Grounds & Decoction


Pure Coffee Blend

Our signature house blend of specialty grade Indian origin coffees showcasing coffee varieties from farms around India.

Originally introduced to give us a fighting chance in the COVID lockdown period when our supply chain was disrupted forcing us to pivot. 

ROAST & TASTE NOTES  Blend of MED-DARK Indian specialty coffees for a strong caffeine jolt when you need it. Expect a strong bittersweet finish.


Perfect for coffee purists who enjoy their coffee with milk and for black coffee lovers who enjoy an earthy full-bodied cup.

AVAILABLE AS Beans, Grounds & Decoction 

*Note: We update our house blends from time to time based on seasonal coffee availability and blend to the desired taste profile.