Our coffee is hand crafted with love! What this means is we are intimately involved in every aspect of sourcing, roasting, brewing, packing through to drop off to our couriers. We take every possible measure to make sure everything is top-notch. BUT occasionally we might drop the ball!

 The couriers might drop off to the wrong address, parcels may get delayed, go missing or arrive damaged in transit, we might even pack the wrong order! What's going on now, hey! 

In fact, customers who have been through such challenges have been with us longer :)

While we can't guarantee such things might not happen on occasion, what we CAN GUARANTEE IS we will do the needful and address it in the most reasonable manner possible. Your goods are also insured. 

If you have issues of the above nature (or something else, oh oh!), please get in touch with us and we'll sort this out. Everyone wins when we can communicate & solve the problem rather than fume in silence or RANT in a review.

We are reachable by email or phone (please txt first if not urgent)!


your LOCAL KAAPIkaran ;)

P.S.*KAAPIKARAN translates to coffeeguy