In the southern states of India, where Indian coffee originates, the word ‘kaapi’ transcends linguistic and cultural differences, and translates to coffee.

We are Melbourne based coffee creatives passionate about showcasing India's finest coffees and bringing the centuries old Indian coffee culture to the fore.

From the coffee beans, brewing technique to the serving style, the Indian coffee culture just has so many unique elements largely unknown to even Melbourne's seasoned coffee drinkers. 


All our coffees are locally roasted by us in small batches as required. We also champion the traditional slow-drip brewing method using an Indian filter pot to brew our coffees (decoction). 

Thank you for your support.

See you around!


Back in 2017, the idea to craft Melbourne’s first Indian Filter Coffee was the result of a caffeine fuelled discussion between two mates Syl and Suraj, comparing Italian and Indian coffee cultures.

​While it may have led Syl to wonder if South Indians were, if not more obsessed about coffee than (dare say) Italians, Suraj realised how underrepresented Indian coffee culture was, Down Under. Heck, people didn't even know India produced coffee!

Thus began the project to craft Melbourne's first locally roasted and brewed Indian coffee (kaapi).