Our first and original house blend that pays homage to the South Indian chicory blended coffee. Just as the invention of the wheel (chakram) marked a major turning point in civilisation, the addition of chicory changed the way coffee was traditionally drunk. Although added to extend the supply of coffee in times of shortage, the resulting coffee mix turned out to be so flavoursome that centuries later even today it's much loved!


REGION: Various farms in Kerala & Karnataka


  • MED-DARK. Crafted from our selection of specialty grade Indian coffees and chicory, this is our versatile all rounder with bold earthy flavours and a rich syrupy body, satisfying coffee snobs from Down South to Down Under.

    Served at our Traditional Pop-Ups - Traditional Filter KAAPI, Kattan KAAPI (spiced long black) & Cold KAAPI (Milk/Soy).