Indian Filter Coffee Decoction


Our 'Kaapi' decoction is a strong Espresso strength coffee concentrate made from our specialty grade Indian coffee blends (Signature & Seasonal), that you can add to milk to enjoy the authentic Indian filter coffee experience. 


500ml = 20 serves of strong 25ml shots! 


    **We recommend Express Shipping for this product if you're ordering from outside Melbourne!**

    • Storage


      Our decoction is always brewed fresh to order using a traditional stainless steel filter pot, and delivered to Melbourne locations within a day. 


      We recommend storing the decoction in the fridge to extend it's life and using it up in 3 weeks. It can stay outside for a few days - provided it is kept in a cool spot, away from heat or sunlight.


      Please Note: Leaving it out in a warm kitchen/room will reduce its shelf life.

    • Delivery Disclaimer


      The Decoction is a delicate item that can be affected by high temperatures. Extended journeys in transit increase the likelihood of this occurring.


      Please consider this before purchasing the product if you want it delivered to a location outside Melbourne (interstate/intercity) where delivery could have an adverse affect on the product.


      **We recommend Express Shipping for decoction orders placed from outside Melbourne to avoid uncontrollable delays that could occur in transit which may affect the quality of this product.

    • Recipe


      Traditional style South Indian Filter Coffee

      • Add one part KAAPI decoction to 3-4 parts steaming hot milk (or as desired based on strength preference).
      • Add sugar if desired.
      • Froth & Enjoy!

      Cold Coffee

      • Pour one part decoction into a tall glass.
      • Add one part decoction + 4 parts cold milk  + 2 ice cubes ( optionally + sugar syrup/jaggery/honey) into a cocktail shaker. Shake vigorously for 5-10 secs! 
      • Pour the shaken KAAPI into the tall glass. Enjoy! 


      Enjoy a shot of KAAPI decoction on ice, in a cocktail or dessert. Check out our recipes for inspiration!

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