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Our brew kit is a perfect addition to your home barista repertoire! Not only can you make the Indian filter coffee the traditional way, the simplicity of brewing drip filter coffee with this filter pot cannot be understated. All you need is ground coffee & hot water. Oh and you will need to be on planet Earth so that good old gravity can do it's job!

Filter Coffee Brew Kit

PriceFrom AU$59.00
Choice of Filter Pot
  • 1 x Bag of ground coffee (choose size)

    1 x Brass / Stainless-steel filter pot


    SIZE GUIDE (with recommended brewing quantity)

    Large Stainless Steel KAAPI Filter Pot, 50-100g coffee. Brew 5-10 cups.

    (ideally this filter needs 35g of coffee to be brewed at a minimum for optimal Decoction extraction) You can also brew lightly roasted coffees like a pour over with coarser grounds, with a coffee to water ratio of 1:10*


Enjoyed AU wide. Weekly roasted finest selection
of Indian coffees.


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