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Indian Filter Pot

Indian Filter Pot

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The simplicity of manually brewing coffee with an Indian filter pot is unparalleled.

This traditional Indian coffee brewer comprises two stainless steel/brass chambers assembled one on top of the other. The top chamber has tiny perforations which acts as the fixed filter. This chamber also houses a plunger to tamp and hold down the coffee grounds. This contraption is simple yet effective. The filter pot doesn't use any non-metal or consumable parts like rubber gaskets, making it last a lifetime.

Unlike cheaper mass manufactured Indian filters, our KAAPI filters are built to last years of use - using industry best food grade stainless steel / high gauge brass. The quality of the build will make sure your brewing experience is consistent and enjoyable.

The stainless steel filters are also dishwasher safe making an already time tested design suitable for the modern lifestyle.

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STAINLESS STEEL - Dishwasher safe food grade SS304.

BRASS is a soft metal that is delicate and also uncoated. Some slight dents are expected to be seen on the surface/edges, but these are only cosmetic if any. They don't affect brewing in any way. Hand wash recommended.

Uncoated brass ware will also tarnish with use, but the shine can brought back washing it w/ lemon juice or tamarind pulp.



Larger capacity brewer with a minimum recommended brewing amount of 35g (for optimal Decoction extraction), up to 50-100g.

If you wish to brew other drip filter coffees use a coarser grind size with a coffee to water ratio of 1:10 or 1:12


As a guideline, for this filter size, we recommend brewing 30g of coffee at a time, with approx 150ml water (off the boil).